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location(s): Texas but I travel all over the country., United States

enjoys: To varied to list here.

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Trying not to sweat the small stuff.. My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am....

I struggle with writing a profile so I thought I would just put down some random thoughts.....
I am the type of man who will give you encouragement and at the same time hold you accountable for your actions. This is not a game for me.
I am a successful professional who at times has sacrificed relationships for my career. It is my goal to never do that ever again.
I am a the kind of man who has never met a stranger and can easily start conversations. I once had a casual conversation with the Starbucks barista while at the same time I was pinching my girls nipple around the corner.
I am the type of man who realizes that every day is a chance to be a better person. I tell people that I am not a good person, but every day I try to be.
I never yell or lose my temper. I know that if I cannot control myself, I have no business controlling you.
I am the man who realizes that it is my responsibility to always keep my girls best interests in mind while I create an environment of consistency and structure she craves.
I wake up very early in the morning in a disgustingly good mood, usually singing show tunes.
I am a multi-faceted individual with many talents and interests,
I grew up in the lifestyle and firmly believe it is possible to have a positive and healthy lifestyle oriented relationship.


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