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Age: 54

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Location(s): I live in a small town in Michigan. I am able to travel in lower Michigan, Northern Ohio and Indiana. play partner welcome but would appreciate real life TPE slave or sub female.

Enjoys: I will fill this in later.

Self description:
I am a single Dom for 23 years, Just relocated to Clinton, MI. looking for a real slave or sub that impresses me for a 24/7 TPE D/s relationship. I am 54yr., 6'2", 235lbs., light brown heir, blue eyes, have a goatee, Dominant Male I am a very firm but caring Dom I can be a bit sadistic but only if a slave or sub wants or needs it so don't let that scare you ever slave or sub will only get what they are ready for and can handle :-).
I prefer a slave to a sub, but not opposed to a sub with slave tendencies, the only way I would be open to poly if the sub or slave were to want and ask for it, but I prefer and want just one sub or slave!. petite average or weight proportionate to height subs or slaves are preferred. I'm Located in Michigan Area and open to events with the right sub or slave

Submissive men or men who are switch need not inquire, i am straight.

I seem to be vanilla on the outside and like to be in public or with family, friends and for work but I am a total Dom inside! ;-). Being a Dominant isn't something you wear or hold. Its something that is a part of who you are, its the way you say things, its in your actions! The way you take charge of your space. A true Dom is someone that is very Disciplined and respectful of others, You can feel the Confidence in Them, they makes you feel totally safe. When a slave or sub is disciplined it isn't done with spite or anger but true compassion and affection. I don't like the word punishment its so cold sounding instead I like discipline or Motivation it has more heart and soul! Its all about teaching but also about The Doms compassion for helping their slave or sub to achieve a state of understanding, happiness and balance of body, mind and spirit by knowing 3 things.
1) She has learned to better herself as a slave or sub by pleasing her Dom/Master by total devotion
2) She has learned her own pleasure rests within that
3) She knows that her Dom truly cares about her enough to guide and lead her! All of this must be done with tenderness and compassion and a firm hand when needed, never giving a slave or sub more than she can handle or needs! *smiles
I require my slave or sub to be totally loyal, dedicated and SERIOUS about her role. I am a very compassionate but a very firm Dom I always care for my sub deeply!!, but if she misbehaves she can expect to be disciplined for it! *wink

"I have an opening in my home for a slave or sub. If you would like to be considered for the position of my slave or sub send me a note or add me to your friends list and I will reply with a photo, if deserved. I am open to polymorphous with the rite slave or sub I look forward to hearing from any interested sub or slave.

I am by no means complaining or ranting but I am sick of meeting all this fake subs or slaves!. They say they know this is for them and they know they are ready but when I give them some simple tasks or put just a little pressure on them to start their training they fold like a piece of wet card board.

Domkarma11 *evil grin


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